What does it mean if the veins of the feet are visible

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What does it mean if the veins of the feet are visible?

According to oceanography, according to your body parts, things can be told about your future, your face, your three warts, your feet have also opened the door to your luck. can go.

On the basis of the way the feet are made, the nature and future of the person is known. The feet and toes provide interesting information about many things related to your life. Let us tell you that your feet are about your nature. What do i say

If there is space in your toes

Then such people have to face difficulties in life, they have to work hard for success, but through struggle and the right path, they get success.

If all the fingers are close

Your toes are very rich, then they are very rich in luck. Such people get all the happiness of the world, but such people give a little bit of hard work if they give 100% of their goals then any Can achieve

If the finger next to the thumb is larger than the finger of the thumb in men, then it is believed that his wife is very obedient, it is believed that the wives of such men believe everything they do.

If the feet are visible, then many people see the veins of the feet, then it is considered inauspicious. Such people should take special care of their health, if the feet are torn, then it is an indicator of bad luck.

What does it mean if the veins of the feet are visible?

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