Feng Shui Hacks for Lights and Fixtures

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Feng Shui Hacks for Lights and Fixtures


Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.

Feng shui Tips Hindi for Vastu Shastra

Lights are a great way to enhance the prosperity of your space. But are you lighting them as you should be doing it? Here is a list of a few tips on how to use it right 

To have a bright and rewarding career, place bright lights in the south zone. But be careful about the source of light. Spotlights on the south wall are a great source of positive energy Red and orange lamps in round shape lamps in this area increase the chances of success. Avoid lamps that are thin and have a stick-like structure as it will create problems in the career. 

Crystal chandeliers are another great way of energizing the south zone for career success. When placed in the center of the house, it enhances the earth energy, which brings good tidings into the house. 

The path leading to your main door should not be dark and dingy. If it is well lit, it will attract prosperity to your space. Bright light at the staircase landing is considered to be very auspicious and attracts good energies. 

Place a family portrait in the South West direction of your space with a bright light falling on it to bring good health and good luck to family members. 

Feng Shui Hacks for Lights and Fixtures

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