The Importance of Sun as per Vedic astrology

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The Importance of Sun as per Vedic astrology

SUN IS THE life fever, enlightens the whole world. Its energy is profound, has the ability to shape up your identity can give you an exceptional creative instinct and matches you ready to face challenges in life

INSIGHT ‘ In Vedic Astrology, Sun also stands for the authority, the father figure. We Cannot move ahead without the blessing of this | mighty planet, Here is why it holds such an important place in Vedic Astrology. 
The personality of those ruled by Sun: Those born with strong Sun in Ascendant or in Leo have some unique qualities to them. They tend to be highly generous people, with a strong will and a royal radiance. If Sun is weakly positioned, debilitated, aspected by or placed in enemy sign, it may make the person selfish and overly clingy.  
Professions ruled by Sun: Sun is referred to as the king among the imperial stars. Those under the strong influence of Sun often hold an important position in authority such as government officials, politician, magistrate, and auditing officer. Performing arts is another suitable field for natives with good placement of Sun. 
Planetary configuration: Sun takes around one year to complete its zodiacal cycle and spends around a month in each sign. It is the ruling planet of Leo, the  5th house. Sun shares a friendly relationship with Moon and Mars. Sun ‘ s influence is positive if it is placed in own sign or exalted. This position makes the native low on confidence,

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