Planning for monthly mortgage payments is important

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Planning for monthly mortgage payments is important

Planning a monthly installment of a loan after sanctioning a home loan. It is the next important stage. Every month’s time table should be close to the salary of the home loan. Loan repayment from salary. Filling is the best choice.

Planning for monthly mortgage payments is important

(Higher than yesterday’s figure), more monthly installments have to be paid in lesser interest. For example, instead of Rs 53,984 for a loan of nine percent, for 60 years, for a loan of Rs. 53, 9 84, a monthly weekly offers 48 thousand 277 rupees; 

At the same time, for this option, more than Rs. 44 lakhs 24 thousand rupees have to be paid. Try paying additional monthly installments every year with regular monthly installments, plus additional monthly weeks. Initially, this seems difficult; 

But in the long run it has very good benefits. Normal pre-payment charges on floating rate loan. Are not there. If you pay additional monthly installments every year, the basic amount of loan (Principal Amount) decreases. 10 – 12. If there is an additional amount of loan deposited with the bank during the year, they will not have the opportunity to complain; However, the borrower It benefits greatly. 

Re-finance options. If there is a low interest rate offered for home loan and it is going to benefit from ‘loan’ Of course, accept the option of ‘switch’. Many banks offer low-interest loan offers at different levels. Take advantage of such opportunities and save a large amount of loan if loan shift. Of course, non-aggressive process, paperwork and payment for loan switches Fees have to be paid.

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