Namaskar Yog Mudra

Namskar Yog Mudra

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Namaskar Mudra Yoga has many benefits.

Pressing the palms, or keeping them connected, activates the heart chakra and the command chakra, which increases awakening.

Surya Namaskar also begins with this posture.

Many asanas are performed in this posture.

Greetings are a sign of humility.

You can also say hello or namaste.

It is prevalent all over India.

There are many advantages to performing this mudra.

It should be done before beginning yoga or any other work.

By doing this, a good feeling arises in the mind and success in the work is achieved.

Method: The pose that is made by joining both hands is called Pranam Mudra.

First of all, close your eyes and join both hands, that is, join both the palms and join them in the middle of the chest and while pressing both palms together, give the elbows straight and left.

When these two hands are connected, we gradually reach the brain – then the posture is formed.

Benefits: The fibers of our hands are connected to the fibers of the brain.

By pressing or keeping the palms pressed, there is activeness in the heart chakra and obedience, which increases the awakening.

The above awakening produces peace of mind and happiness in the mind.

There is confirmation in the heart and fearlessness increases.

This mudra has an effect on our entire emotional and ideological emotions, which increases positivity.

It is also beneficial socially and religiously.

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Namaskar Yog Mudra

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