Major trends changing the fantasy gaming industry

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Major trends changing the fantasy gaming industry


Sports is one of the few unadulterated sources of entertainment today, enjoyed by millions of fans across the globe.

The world of fantasy gaming gives users the perfect platform to showcase their sports knowledge and skills, as well as to compete with others for a moment of crowning glory. In essence, it provides all the excitement of an actual sport inside a smart screen, sports fan engagement is changing and how!

Brand integration: The engagement quotient of fantasy gaming is very high. According to an IFSG-AC Nielsen report, 89 percent of users play fantasy sports at least once a month. On average, a sports enthusiast spends about 40-45 minutes on a fantasy gaming platform. However, live sports fantasy games have much higher and real-time engagement with fans, as opposed to the traditional cash led fantasy platforms. This makes spots engagement platforms with live fantasy very promising for brand integrations, sponsorships, and advertisements. Users are also excited to unlock new features that will help them perform better, thereby helping brands, as well as the platform, earn massive revenue.

Second screen experience: Live fantasy also allows broadcasters, teams, and leagues to track user behavior as fans are engaged with the action on the pitch, making substitutions and using power-ups on a real-time basis. The sports industry can make a lot of additional revenue with the growth of live fantasy as fans playing such games tend to stick to the match from start till end.

Round the clock fan engagement: With the number of sports leagues increasing significantly, franchises across various disciplines are looking to connect with their fans in a more meaningful way. Fantasy gaming platforms provide an easy route to reach out to millions of loyal fans and help the team expand their fan base. It also allows players to interact with their supports easily, contributing to a highly satisfied consumer base.

Data analytics and AI contribute massively: Live sports fantasy games use around 50 data points from global players, facilitating increased engagement and awareness about the game. The platforms featuring live fantasy also collect a lot of fan behaviour data which can be used to customize offering for fans, leading to a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

                Morden sports fans have adopted fantasy gaming as an imperative part of their sports consumption experience. It has played a significant role in driving a deeper connection between sports lovers and the teams as well as the players they idolise.

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