Know your boss by their zodiac sign

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Know your boss by their zodiac sign

EVEN JUST KNOWING a horoscope sun sign can help optimise your manager-employee relationship and maybe even map out a plan for a promotion


In your work life, it’s important to be in tune with your boss. Working well with your boss makes your life much easier and can increase your job satisfaction. Understanding your boss’s Zodiac sign can lead you to a more productive career. 

Aries: An Aries boss relishes being in control and telling others what to do. Make your best effort to keep up with an Aries sign boss.

Taurus: Taurus bosses appreciate order and stability. They’ll go for shaking things up if there’s a sensible plan that doesn’t mess up the bottom line. Otherwise, you’l1 have to be patient and persistent to make long-term changes.

Gemini: Keep your Gemini bosses interested and you’ll rarely go wrong. Boring and always playing it safe are the graver offenses.

Cancer: Your Cancer bosses want to know that you value belonging to the work family. Go the extra mile to foster teamwork.
Leo: Owning your sense of style and having a little flair will go a long way with Leo bosses. They’ll respect that you’re your own person. Shine just enough that you make your bosses and you look good without trying to outshine them.

Virgo: Virgo signs value efficiency more than most, not to mention punctuality. Cram enough detail in your reports yet keep it easy on the eyes.
Libra: Libra bosses are shrewder and more demanding than their initial pleasantries would suggest. You’re evaluated by how well you handle office politics, excellent job performance and dressing like the position you want.
Scorpio: A Scorpio employer expects nothing less than your full loyalty and discretion. Self-control, especially when under pressure, is paramount. No cutting corners. These bosses love when you bring your all to project or your work.
Sagittarius: Your Sagittarius sign boss needs to know if you see the big picture. That includes goals for the company’s future and your own. Be open-minded and don’t say no to ideas immediately, know they’re bad.
Capricorn: Consistency and a reliable track record is what will stand out for a Capricorn manager the most. But don’t be fooled by their cool, practical veneer. They can take a risk on a good idea if you give them a good reason and a positive return on their investment.

Aquarius: In the workplace, Aquarius signs like to see as coordinators among themselves more competent peers than chiefs. Yet, they will quickly remind you that they’re the boss if you claim too much authority for yourself. Stay a team player and don’t try to second guess Aquarius in charge.
Pisces: Pisces bosses are edgier than they appear. Stay alert and don’t think you can slack off without notice. If you consistently produce results then you’re bound to be on their top list.

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