Is your landscape working against you

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Is your landscape working against you….?


If the outside feng shui is bad, it doesn’t matter how good the feng shui is inside. Place all the wind chimes, frogs and turtles you want and good feng shui will be hard to muster Look at the outside to see what’s happening on the inside. If you have a flat lot and no tall trees or buildings or ground rising up behind you, then plant five trees behind your house. This will bring career opportunities to you and much needed support.  Do you have open space at the front of your home? If not, good chi can’t come and settle. Remove anything blocking your front area. 

If your house is below street grade, then keep your porch lights on all the time because, again, you will suffer from money problems and lack of opportunities. Is the left side of your house higher than the right (as you look out the front door)? If not, you are missing vital dragon support. This can create all kinds of difficulties, such as health problems, difficulties with children and sons and family relationships will suffer. 
Plant some trees on the left side of your house or another type of tall plantings. Try to create the feng shui ideal of the ‘ armchair position, where your home or office is situated in the landscape with hills behind on the left side and low on the right side and open area to the front is the preferred feng shui landscape arrangement.

लाल चीटियो के घर में आने से होता हैं! ऐसा
7 कलर से आपका घर दिखेगा फ्रेश
fengshui elephant
चांदी का छल्ला बदल देगा आपकी जिंदगी : 
शुक्र का प्रभाव बढ़ाकर दिलाएगा समस्त सुख – समृद्धि 
चीन के लोग कान देखकर भविष्य का अंदाज लगाते है
आत्मविश्वास पाने के लिए धारण करे मूंगा

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