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WE OFTEN FIND food as our companion in our happy and hard times. We always turn to food whenever something happens. This list brings you foods to eat and to avoid according to your mood 

We all have ups and downs in our lives that affect our mood. There are days when we are at our best and then there are days where we question everything. We shouldn’t binge eat any item which might lead to problems in our body The sad mood: When you turn sad no matter the reason, you might turn to any food to enhance your mood but that’s wrong! Instead of all the junk opt for Whole Grain Cereal with Low Fat Milk. This will boost your mood as it contains Vitamin D. This vitamin enables the body to maintain a stable mood.
When you are overworking: There might be some days where the work might be stress. Keep a bar of dark chocolate by your side. Have a bite every time you feel sad as it has the power to lower the stress hormones which further reduces anxiety. 

When you are too tired: Maybe you didn’t have a good night’s sleep and now you are just sleepy and can doze off any second? In such a situation, don’t go for a cup of coffee, rather go for a Spinach Salad. The spinach leaves have Folic Acid which helps the body to proves and lower levels of homocysteine. The levels of homocysteine are related to impaired blood flow which makes us feel tired and sluggish. You can also opt for cereals, potatoes, mushrooms peas and beans. 
When you are surrounded by tension: Maybe you are worried about your finances or your family problem and maybe tension might be going around in your mind. In such a scenario, the best thing is to do is to go for a Salmon Burger Salmon is rich in Omega-3 Fatty acid. Regular consumption of Omega-3 prevents and ensures the treatment of clinical depression. If you are a vegetarian, you can go for soya bean.
When the world seems to be annoying: We all end up in a situation where we can’t really figure out what’s up with our mood. The correct justification would be- we are in a cranky mood. It is totally normal for humans. The best way to get out of such a mood is to have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide quick energy and burn out fast. Adding protein to it will slow down the process of digestion maintaining our energy level for a longer period of time. For example, go for a combination of Peanut Butter and Apple. Now, let’s go through the list of foods, that you must avoid eating when you are feeling extremely low or sad and the reasons behind the same: 
Soda drinks: Be it every food item or a party, nothing is complete without a glass of soft drink. People who are its fan consider it water but you should know that it contains simple sugars which are absorbed in our blood and in turn increases our blood sugar levels. Sugar might provide instant energy but once it crashes, the blood sugar level loses control in turn affecting our energy level and our mood. 

Dried fruits: Dried fruits only contain sugar in high amounts. Eating more of these would only result in a high intake of sugar. They cause a disturbance in the body if eaten in large quantity. 
Salted peanuts: Many of us love to have these crunchy and salty peanuts. These munchies contain a high amount of MSG. This affects our mood and leaves us feeling weak, fatigued and depressed.


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