Feng shui

Feng shui

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Feng shui

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Not just cluttered; we mean dirty. Truth be told, there are plenty of cluttered homes with great feng shui and non-cluttered homes that have awful feng shui. But, feng shui isn’t just about clutter.

It is also a matter of cleanliness. Okay, so your closet doesn’t look like something from an organizing company ad in a magazine but that is not the end of your feng shui world. However, dirt is. Clean is important.

The clean is good. Clean brings good feng shui. Grime is extremely negative, whether it is dust, pet hair everywhere (this is an epidemic) or bathtub mold.

Do you know many happy, successful people who live in a filthy home? Get out the rubber gloves and the cleaning spray and go to it. You’ll instantly improve your feng shui.

I you have a home that’s you unattractive, has bad smells, arranged awkwardly, well, then, that can torpedo the good chi you’re trying to build.

You don’t have to live in a mansion with designer furnishings but your home should look appealing and is arranged to welcome chi.

Move furniture out from the walls so energy can move around. Make your home look its best. Pretty is good Feng very Shui.

Beauty is its own best chi. home in good repair Put your and make it appealing. This will lift your chi.

Feng shui

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