Feng shui Crystal Balls

Feng shui Crystal Balls

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Feng shui Crystal Balls

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Colored crystal balls look very simple to see.

Do you know that these small balls have the ability to remove the big tensions from your life.

It is considered very special in Feng Shui.

By keeping these balls in the right and proper place, many problems of household can be overcome.

They prove to be very effective in financial problems.

Accordingly, at the place where the crystal balls are present, the negative energy is unable to lift its head and the atmosphere remains positive with positiveness.

Let’s know how to keep crystal balls.

Even after trying a million, there is a slowdown in the business, then keep seven or eleven colorful crystal bolls in the north direction of the work place.

If students are unable to make concentration in their studies or do not feel like studying, then put a big crystal ball in their room.

If two big crystal balls are placed on the right and left side of the main gate of the house, then they will act as gatekeepers.

Will not allow any upper power to enter the house.

Crack or strain coming in the marble, keep the crystal bolls in the glass vessel in the west direction of the bedroom.

If there is a rift among the family members, place crystal bolls in the living room or the place where all the members of the house spend maximum time.

Such wind chime can also be applied, which has crystal bolls.

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Feng shui Crystal Balls

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