Feng shui Candle

Feng shui Candle Hindi

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Feng shui Candle

By burning Feng Shui candles, you can increase positive energy in your home.

Candles are given more importance in Feng Shui.

It is believed that candles bring positive energy to the house.

By placing it in the bedroom of your house, positive energy is generated in the house and the bedroom.

Keeping it in the bedroom ends the problems between the husband and wife.

Candles also keep you in good mood.

Romance increases in a husband-wife relationship.

Your relationship with your partner becomes stronger.

According to Feng Shui scripture, staying in light of candles for 30 minutes of the day creates positive energy in you.

In the light of Feng Shui candles, the bacteria hidden in the house are also eliminated.

By burning Feng Shui candles, your health is also good. That’s why candles are considered so important in Feng Shui.

People whose concentration power is less. Concentrating those people on candles increases their concentration level.

If you want to bring sweetness to your relationship, then Feng Shui candles should light two candles in the west part of your house.

Feng shui Candle

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