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Color Marketing

Color Marketing wisdom 365

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Color Marketing

In this video, we are going to know how big companies play with our minds by using color.

But before this, we have come to know about this that came from the color called in our world.

The light that comes from the Sun on Earth comes into our world. There is no color in it.

But sometimes it can be seen.

Know about sunlight and its color.

Frequency and wavelength

The sun’s light is spread all over the universe, this light is a frequency, and there is a wavelength.

The height and depth of this wave are counted within a second, it is called frequency.

And just like the difference in this wave, it is called wavelength.

Color filled light veins have different wavelengths.

Which are linked together.

And this is called Light Spectrum. There are two ends at the ends of the purple and red color spectrum.

Which is the same color whose wavelength is less than purple and more than red color. So in this way we cannot see the light.

Now the question arises that the color has come from the world. In English, colors are called colors, and the word comes from the Colosso in Latin.

This means cover or cover. Generally, colors come from the sun itself, there is no more information on it.

Now I am going to tell you an interesting fact.

When it is childish, it first sees red color.

It has been found in a survey that newly born survivors are attracted like red color.

Because the red wavelength is the highest, and it is easily saved.

World’s most popular color

There are many colors in this world, but there is some special color, which is popular in the world.

The world is the most liked color, blue and then red and then green, it is the three most liked colors.
Yellow and Orange This color is the least preferred color.

If your nature is angry, then this color can help you a lot.
We are talking here, the pink color of pink means that you heard right from the pink color, it is soothing the anger.

For this reason, the walls of the prison and mental hospital are painted pink.

Now let’s talk About marketing

You may have seen yellow and red colors on top of chips packet somewhere.

Do not think too much, once we give you an example, have you ever noticed, are the names of Yellow and Red colors written on the brand name of Macdonald’s. These two colors increase our earthquake further, that is why the logo of the famous company is in yellow and red color only.

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